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The blockchain technology is used in various industries, disciplines and branches in the whole world. Which is a chain of blocks containing information, follows a special method for sending information and provides high security. The features of this interesting technology is rapidly growing its popularity among the people. This technology increases the accuracy of processes, increases productivity, increases speed and security, reduces costs and increases transparency in operations. Santa coin project core team has decided to do something ingenious, separating them from the rest of the cryptocurrency projects.

About Yura.io Project

Yura.io is one of the leading platforms in the crypto currency space. there are some unique and very interesting features that the Yura.io project has. are you curious? yes .. one of them is to allow each user to collaborate with each other. for example: freelancers-clients can work with each other and the advantages provided by this project include earning additional income when they are on the platform and contributing to each other. As a matter of fact, the work of a freelancer sometimes cannot be guaranteed in its entirety. . but this time it is very different .that Yura.io offers many benefits for all of us as an ideal business and mutually beneficial for both parties.

Building devices to engage specialists

For the beta dispatch we coordinated with inheritance installment frameworks like IBAN bank installments and Payoneer (a notable installment supplier for specialists utilized by stages like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.com) But our heart is with decentralization and advanced monetary standards.

Completely understanding that a portion of the crypto local area is comprised of crypto-idealist (we love you as well), we are quick to concede that we not an unadulterated decentralized player (yet). We consider computerized monetary standards to be the present and the future and we, as a general public, are in a progress. We like to smoothen that progress by giving arrangements that enable the worldwide local area of specialists at the present time. That is the thing that we are enthusiastic about. So we accept that offering both computerized monetary forms in corresponding to inheritance installment frameworks will really accelerate blockchain and crypto reception.

Why choose Yura.io

Enter Equal Relationships

To make the best work requires a really equivalent relationship with responsibilities from the two sides. Allocate liabilities to both you as a consultants and the customer now.

Be Safe And Stay Cool

Imagine the inventive flow. Fabricate your C-Flow (C for Collaboration) with building blocks like Input, Proposals, Feedback Windows, Milestones and obviously Payments.

Automated Execution of Agreements

Product to crystal clear Agreements endorsed with Digital Signatures. Quit stressing over legislative issues. Begin making. Our foundation tracks the execution of your iterative arrangements.

Always Get Paid

Prepared into the DNA of our foundation are achievement installments and escrow installments ensuring you generally get compensated quickly for conveying your work. In crypto or government issued types of money.


We have effectively constructed the Yura EQUALIZE, it is carry on with a prepared to utilize. Also, when we have set up our symbolic this will fill in as the fuel for consultants. You can consider the YURA token to be the Polygon-based medium in our environment that consultants worldwide can use to work on their business and to get compensated in. This implies consultants would now be able to work securely with any customer around the world.

The YURA token is the Polygon based medium in the Yura environment that integrates our local area and has the accompanying uses and advantages:

Revenue share: Earn while finishing projects.

Payments: Get paid in YURA tokens, or other cryptographic forms of money.

Staking and administration: Participate locally by marking your YURA tokens acquiring your democratic freedoms.

Affiliates: Help become the specialist base and acquire lifetime automated revenue in YURA tokens.

Yura.io Core Team

The team is made up of a group of professionals which span across different segments of the cryptocurrency industry. Experts such as Blockchain engineers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Cryptocurrency Journalists and other relevant professionals needed to make the Santa coin project a huge success. Again, these experts originate from various countries of the Asian continent. It is also important to note that the 123Swap project is a community project since the team listens to the opinion to their community members and implement them if need be.


Yura.io project is one of the best powerful project which work for project development and implies services such as easy trading method, easy payment solution and decentralized finance development. It makes insure of all transaction done by a powerful and hassle-free smart contract and is executed completely automatically. This platform is ready for utilizing smart chain facilitates and at the same time ensures platform independence. This platforms offers high security to protect operating systems and investment to their assets. For this reason, investors must choose carefully. Yura.io project as a new generation of “tracking and analysis tools” is one of the choices that can provide a good experience for users and investors.

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Website : https://www.yura.io/

How to buy : https://www.yura.io/buy-token

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/ek2sw9z_T3U5MjI8

Medium : https://medium.com/@Yura.io

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