The Review of TFS Token

Hello everyone at this moment we are going through a pandemic critical situation. At this time digital currency has been introduced to reduce transaction time, transaction cost. The cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions very fast, without third parties, in a crystalline, secure, and faceless manner. Now i am going to introduce a digital currency which name is TFS. TFS Fairspin, which is a global online stage with a client pool of more than 300,000 clients around the world. By acquainting new tokens with the stage alongside new highlights and openings will radically change how clients cooperate with the Fairspin stage. The TFS token is another advanced cryptographic money that will be utilized in the stage as a standard installment strategy and opens up new freedoms to compensate players playing on Fairspin.

About TFS Fairspin

TFS Tokenomies

Ticker: TFS

Network: Ethereum Smart Chain

Token protocol: ERC-20

Token type: Utility

Allocation of TFS

1st Stage:

The distribution of TFS will kick off with 3 rounds of a Private Sale, Pre-Sale and a Dutch Auction with a limited supply of 15 million tokens listed for sale. Token price on each rounds will be set at:

  • 0,1 $ on Private Round
  • 0,15 $ on Pre-Sale Round
  • On Dutch Auction price starts from 1 $ with 0,2 $ as a reserve price.

2nd Stage:

After the sale of tokens is complete a pool of 10–20% of tokens sold at the auction will be moved to Uniswap with the final auction price increased by 50–100%.

3rd Stage:

The token staking program is unlocked via the FairSpin dashboard where you can store your tokens for profit.

Staking options:

  • 1 day — Reward pool 1% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.
  • 3 days — Reward pool 3% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.
  • 7 days — Reward pool 8% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.

4th Stage:

Token distribution program will be announced with a limited emission to 20% instantly and 2% every week, which users can claim anytime.


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