Oct 4, 2021

8 min read

The Review of GistCoin Project

Introducing GistCoin

About GistCoin Project

  • Create an advanced audio conversation social media platform with an inbuilt Creators’ and Users’ Compensation program.
  • Gisthouse will have several features that will address most of the problems associated with existing audio based social media platforms in the rapidly exploding audio conversation industry.
  • Gistcoin will provide a Peer-to-Peer monetization and gamification platform that will enable Fair Compensation for content creators and active users of social media platforms
  • Provide universal means of exchange for users of GistHouse social media and other partner social media partners.

GistCoin At A Glance

Making Money From GistCoin

GistCoin Roadmap

GistCoin Structure

GistCoin Team

Business And Strategy Advisory Board

Technical Development Team


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