The OverView of Student Coin

Student Coin is a decentralized financial asset among Students and universities. This is the system where every one can make profits on investment other than the traditional finance system. This technology is adopting people in real-world problems in various sectors in the world. So student Coin is a new cryptocurrency where individual, private, and corporate tokens have to serve for developing the organizations. This system works for students, assets and business visionaries from in excess of 20 universities, including the Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, and the Imperial College London.

Student Coin is the first university based blockchain technology which is work for student to know the knowledge of blockchain technology which allows students to earn money on their investment. It introduce students about new technologies, offering cryptocurrency exchange and teaching its potentialities to students. This is the function for developing the platform of their own cryptocurrency tokens. This platform also ensure people to educate about educational sector and facilitate trading of all the tokens.

Student Coin develop their own project as much as possible in comparison to other blockchain-based projects. Student Coin develop their own platform that make different project that allows people to create and develop their own DeFi, NFT and startup tokens.

Student Coin origins in the university of Kozminski in Poland, where it was developed as a well being for the students and universities. Student Coin already has more than 10,000 community members in 500 educational institutions globally, including top schools like Stanford and Havard. The main reason for for creating and growing popularity in institutions that is enabling student to learn and develop their own blockchain technology.

STC Terminal

Student Coin uses terminal software that is used in different types of companies, universities, students and individuals will be able to easily generate and manage their own passwords. This terminal software allows people to use advanced tokenization. Every token after launched can be easily controlled in the STC terminal. This is very powerful software for multi users.

STC Exchange

Student Coin exchange is possible to sell or buy tokens so as the asset of each supported token grows value of the Student Coin. This exchange will be open to the public and provides a place for investment as well as funding for university students.


Student Coin apps will be easy to use where user friendly transaction mode will be available. This apps will be available for ios and Android versions. This apps allows students to store their tokens in the wallet created by the user of android or ios .

Student Coin project is divided into seven major phases reaching the full utilities after the Phase 5 and the STC Launchpad ICO.

Phase 1 — Backend preparation (01.2018–12.2019)

Phase 2 — Token Launch (12.2019–06.2020)

Phase 3 — Initial international distribution (07.2020–12.2020)

Phase 4 — STC Launchpad ICO performance (01.2021–06.2021)

Phase 5 — Establishing the universities’ ecosystem (07.2021–03.2022)

Phase 6 — Leading the world wide tokenization (03.2022 — end of 2023)

Phase 7 — Establishing the full STC ecosystem (2024 +)

Token name : Student Coin

Symbol : STC

Network : ERC20

Public Sale Price per /token : 0.0025 USD

Total Allocation Launcpad : 30,000,000

STC Presale : 25,000,000

STC IEO : 4,500,000,000

TOTAL STC SUPPLY : 10,000,000,0000

Student Coin project team is well organized and work for particular areas expert in particular areas. Every one has a good expertise in their particulars own areas. The Student Coin Team is developed by students, entrepreneurs and faculty from 20 universities, including the top schools as Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, Imperial College London, Warsaw School of Economics, University of Kent, University of Glasgow, University of Melbourne, University College London, Lund University and the University of Glasgow.

Student Coin team is developing their own blockchain technology named student coin. Student coin team is recently planning to create the student coin exchange for trading. This is the actual learning and gaining platform where they will provide free opportunity to invest and other solutions that would make a lot of difference than others. So what are you waiting for still now please participate in the student coin ongoing ICO to begin with and get listed as a user who will earn rewards and create new tokens through the student coin terminal.











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