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Create Quarashi With Multi Crypto Wallet

You can follow create wallet with 8 step :

  1. First — Start by downloading the app at Google Play Store: Download Quarashi Wallet
  2. Secondly — Click create New wallet, you can also import an existing wallet using your private key / recovery words/ seed phrase.
  3. After that — The seed phrase generates your wallet address, in case you loose it, your funds will be lost.
  4. Important — Always store your private key in a safe place, don’t share it with anyone, don’t loose it, don’t forget it.
  5. Then, click “Continue” and write down the secret phrase.
  6. Now, you can store and hold top 100 Cryptocurrencies, including Quarashi.
  7. Keep an eye on Quarashi Wallet updates because soon it’s features will upgrade to support +9000 crypto on Ethereum and Smart Binance Chains.
  8. Finally — It’s time to download your very own Quarashi Wallet.

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Quarashi Team

The team is made up of a group of professionals which span across different segments of the cryptocurrency industry. Experts such as Blockchain engineers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Cryptocurrency Journalists and other relevant professionals needed to make the Quarashi project a huge success. Again, these experts originate from various countries of the Asian continent. It is also important to note that the Quarashi project is a community project since the team listens to the opinion to their community members and implement them if need be.


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