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The blockchain technology is used in various industries, disciplines and branches in the whole world. Which is a chain of blocks containing information, follows a special method for sending information and provides high security. The features of this interesting technology is rapidly growing its popularity among the people. This technology increases the accuracy of processes, increases productivity, increases speed and security, reduces costs and increases transparency in operations. Santa coin project core team has decided to do something ingenious, separating them from the rest of the cryptocurrency projects.

About Santacoin

The Santa Coin project is developed by an independent team of people that was created especially for this purpose, which consists of experts with knowledge and experience in various areas that are related to this project. They have gathered together in order to bring something new into this world: a token that will enable children from all over the world Santa Coin is the ERC20 token of the Santa Token Exchange. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain, its value is set by market forces and it is used as an internal currency for the exchange. All holder rewards are paid in BUSD, not in Santa Coins. This is a huge difference! The longer you hold, the more BUSD you earn.

Why Use Santa Coin

Anti-Whale System

This is a simple and straightforward whale discouragement system. Due to our contract structure, no sale amounts higher than 0.125% of the total supply at once are possible. So even if you decide to buy 94.443% of the supply right away, you’ll still be left with 1.957%.

Multiple BuyBacks

Santa Coin is a digital currency and payment system built and managed by our fully owned and operated subsidiary, Santa Coin Limited. The main purpose of the Santa Coin is to secure Buy-Back Reserve and Guest Reserve while providing you with excellent service. Best of all — we buy your Guest Reserve back at a rate of 3%

Liquidity Pool

Santa Coin is a reward-based token that motivates users to hold SCCs, which creates proper trading environment for Pancake Swaps. When you hold Santa Coin, you are rewarded for helping market liquidity.

Technically speaking, 2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as $Santa Coin and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

BUSD Reflection

BUSD is a Binance token pegged to the US Dollar. It’s controversial, and has seen it’s ups and downs since launch.

It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon though — and perhaps this is because of it’s unique structure which allows holders to earn automatic BUSD rewards by holding $Santa Coin.

How can I buy SANTA on Trust wallet?

1. Check that you have “BNB Smart Chain Coins” in your Wallet; if not, convert “BNB” to “BNB Smart Chain Coins” first. (If you don’t have any, utilize MoonPay, Coinbase, etc.) or purchase first, i.e. XLM, then convert to BNB and transfer to your wallet.

2. Visit PancakeSwap.com (click at the bottom of your Smartphone on “Dapps”, search for “PancakeSwap”, click on it.) (Please notice that certain devices will prevent you from accessing this site; nevertheless, you may use your computer to make things simpler.)

3. Select “connect wallet” from the top right corner.

4. Check that the “Smart chain network” option at the top of the displays is turned on. You’ll see a symbol for it.

5. Set your slippage to 17% (click the gear icon to do so) -> You’ll be charged a 14 percent buyers fee, which is divided down as follows: Holders will get an 8% bonus. Buyback of 3% plus burn Liquidity Fees are 2%. 1 percent Walle Marketing

6. Enter the quantity of BNB you wish to trade in the first field.

7. Choose “SANTA” as the target currency in the second field. If you can’t locate SANTA, manually enter the contract ID and call it “SANTA.” The contract ID is 0x4F1A6FC6A7B65Dc7ebC4EB692Dc3641bE997c2F2. It should now be able to locate it and show it in the second field.

8. To switch it, press the button, then confirm on the following screen till it is accepted.

9. Check the bscscan.com website to see whether your purchase was successful. Generally, the bscscan-link to your transaction will appear in your Wallet for a few seconds at the completion of this procedure. Select it by clicking on it.

Santa Coin Tokenomics

Santa coin Team

The team is made up of a group of professionals which span across different segments of the cryptocurrency industry. Experts such as Blockchain engineers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Cryptocurrency Journalists and other relevant professionals needed to make the Santa coin project a huge success. Again, these experts originate from various countries of the Asian continent. It is also important to note that the Santa coin project is a community project since the team listens to the opinion to their community members and implement them if need be.


Santa coin project is one of the best powerful project which work for project development and implies services such as easy trading method, easy payment solution and decentralized finance development. It makes insure of all transaction done by a powerful and hassle-free smart contract and is executed completely automatically. This platform is ready for utilizing smart chain facilitates and at the same time ensures platform independence. This platforms offers high security to protect operating systems and investment to their assets. For this reason, investors must choose carefully. Santa coin project as a new generation of “tracking and analysis tools” is one of the choices that can provide a good experience for users and investors.

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